Who should take care of my kids?

Who should take care of my kids?

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 69,200 responses asked:  Should the government provide childcare for all babies and toddlers between ages 0 and 6?  36.5% support the proposal “very much”, 19.7% support it “somewhat”, 16.3% “do not support it much”, 18.2% “absolutely do not support it”, and 9.3% do not know.

Do you think that such a comprehensive childcare system is even possible?  10.3% say it is “absolutely possible”, 14.8% think it is “possible”, 33.2% think it is “not very possible”, 33.0% think it is “absolutely impossible”, and 8.7% do not know.

Are you willing to pay more taxes to support such a comprehensive childcare system?  7.9% are “very willing”, 15.5% are “somewhat willing”, 25.3% are “not too willing”, 42.6% are “absolutely unwilling”, and 8.7% do not know.  The survey consisted of 45.5% men and 54.5% women.




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