Why the DPP is unpopular

Why the DPP is unpopular

Before Tsai Ing-wen’s pension reform of 2016, retired government officials received a monthly average pension of NT$56,000, a retired public school teacher received a monthly average pension of NT$68,000, and a veteran received a monthly average pension of NT$49,000.

Tsai Ing-wen has drastically cut the pensions under her pension reform.

In 2018, two years into Tsai Ing-wen’s administration and that of her Democratic Progressive Party’s government, 33.28% or 3,016,000 Taiwanese workers receive an average salary of less than NT$30,000, and 48.27% or 4,374,000 workers earn between NT#30,000 and NT$50,000, that means, 81.55% of all workers in Taiwan currently earn less than NT$50,000 a month.


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