Is having a “foreign language capability” very important in Taiwan?

Is having a “foreign language capability” very important in Taiwan?

This is a Yahoo Taiwan survey question posted on July 14-17, 2019.  Of the 70,300 responses, 48.2% think it is very important.

They believe that listening comprehension, the ability to read and write in a foreign language are all important.

There are also 40.3% who think having basic communication skills in a foreign language are sufficient.

When asked:  What other languages besides English do you think are important for you in Taiwan?  48.9% say Japanese, 14.5% say others and 23.0% do not know.

When asked:  When should learning a foreign language begin?  62,3% say in elementary school, 12.7% say in middle school, 6.8% say in high school, 6.6% say in college and university, 11.6% do not know.  This survey included 41.8% men and 58.2% women.


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