Taiwanese views towards the female gender

Taiwanese views towards the female gender

Part of a Yahoo Taiwan survey of 66,700 responses conducted on July 10-13, 2019, shows that 51.0% think Taiwan’s society favors the male and disfavors the female, 5.7% believe Taiwanese society favors the female over the male, 25.5% believe Taiwanese society views the male and the female equally, in other words, 25.5% say in Taiwanese society, there is gender equality, and 17.8% do not know.

A popular Taiwanese female journalist says that women are expected to contribute more to society.  The survey shows that 53.8% of Taiwanese women feel the same, 23.9% do not feel the same way, 22.3% do not know.  The survey consisted of 41.1% men and 58.9% women.



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