Number of Taiwanese Ph.D.’s and Master’s students in science has declined by 15%

Number of Taiwanese Ph.D.’s and master’s students in science has declined by 15%

In the academic year 2018,  there were 93,000 Master’s and Ph.D. students in Taiwan, 16,000 or 15% less than the number in academic year 2010.

From the job market standpoint, a Master’s degree holder in science and technology can easily find work after graduation and they can earn more than a professor in the scientific and engineering fields.

The “market value” of a Ph.D. degree in Taiwan is not high, and few Taiwanese are interested in pursuing it.

Efforts are being made to establish higher learning centers catering to industry, such as the plan to train Master’s degree students in AI and information safety in the 2019 academic year.

[Master Chen says]

The fact that many doctoral programs cannot recruit any students and the fact that less Taiwanese students are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. degree in science and technology provide great opportunities for foreign students interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in Taiwan.  Taiwan offers scholarships and the cost of education is low and the caliber and quality of Taiwan’s education are very high.


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