How many children do you want?

How many children do you want?

If you are financially secure, how many children do you want?

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 123,900 responses conducted on August 17-20, 2019, asked that question.  The survey shows that 11.7% want one child, 49.1% want two children, 20.4% want 3 children, 8.3% want 4 or more children, and 10.5% do not know.

Do you have a gender choice?  29.9% say “no”, 7.2% say “girl”, 6.6% say “boy”, 44.6% say “both genders”, 11/7% do not know.

The reason for the low birthrate in modern day society is because of what?  17.5% say “overly high housing cost”,  57.6% say “overly low wages”, 10.8% say “insufficient government subsidies”, and 14.1% do not know.

The survey consisted of 41.8% men and 58.2% women.


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