In Taipei, 349 people committed suicide in 2018

In Taipei, 349 people committed suicide in 2018

Taipei City’s bureau of health says that in 2013, 261 Taipei city residents committed suicide.  In 2016, 308 people committed suicide.  In 2017, 317 people committed suicide.  In 2018, 349 people committed suicide.

Among those who committed suicide, 38.1% are between 45 and 64 years old and 28.9% were over 65 years old.

Those who committed suicide are the 三明治世代 “sandwiched generation”, the 壓力世代 “pressured generation”, with elderly infirm parents and young sons and daughters to care for.

[Master Chen says]

These are the families that really need homecare urgently.  The solution is to import female Syrian refugees with their children as immigrant workers to take care of the elderly infirm parents in these homes.



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