Taiwanese seniors make up 14.94%

Taiwanese seniors make up 14.94% of total population

At the end of July, 2019, Taiwan had a total population of some 235,920,000 people.

There were 17,030,000 people between 15 and 64 years old, Taiwan’s working age population.  They make up 72% of Taiwan’s total population.

Those older than 65 years old make up 3,520,000 or 14.94% of the total population.

By 2026, Taiwanese seniors will constitute 20% of the population.

Between January and July of 2019, 103,952 Taiwanese seniors died and 101,065 babies were born.

In Tainan, during the same period, 9,074 seniors died and 6,749 babies were born in that city, and in Kaohsiung, 12,792 seniors died and 11,114 babies were born.

In Chiayi county, the senior population make up 19.38% of the total population of the county.  In Yunlin county, they make up 18.27% and in Taipei they make up 17.64%.



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