Taiwan’s residential microenvironment

Taiwan’s residential microenvironment

A study of Taiwan’s residential microenvironment in Taipei, Hualien, Chiayi, and Kaohsiung shows that in Chiayi, seniors’ daily indoor exposure to PM 2.5 pollution is between 74.9 micrograms/cubic meter and 81.7 micrograms/cubic meter, much higher than Kaohsiung seniors’ 64.4 micrograms/cubic meter to 64.9 micrograms/cubic meter, Taipei seniors’ 33.4 micrograms/cubic meter to 42.3 micrograms/cubic meter, and Hualien seniors’ 31 micrograms/cubic meter to 34 micrograms/cubic meter.

The study concludes that the high indoor PM 2.5 exposure of Chiayi’s seniors is because 76% of Chiayi’s seniors burn incense indoors, 63% live near major streets, 22% live next to restaurants and factories, and 20% live near temples where large amounts of incense are burned.

Seniors in Taipei, Hualien and Chiayi stay home 87% to 88% of the time, and Seniors in Kaohsiung stay home 93% of the time.


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