In 2018, 15% are 外配 in Taiwan

In 2018, 15% are 外配 in Taiwan

Of the 20,000 newlyweds in Taiwan in 2018, 15% of them are 外配。

They are newlywed couples between a Taiwanese citizen and a foreign person or a  non-citizen of Taiwan.

Between 1987 and 2018, these international newlyweds constituted a steady 15% to 20% of all marriages.

In 2018, 6% of all babies born are by international couples.

The Taiwanese are the most tolerant towards marriage between international couples.

[Master Chen says]

Taiwan should immediately open up immigration to female Syrian refugees and their children to balance the male dominant gender gap in 2025.

The massive influx of female Syrian refugees as immigrants will solve many problems Taiwan is facing and help former Taiwanese vice president Annette Lu establish Taiwan as a neutrality state of peace.



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