Taiwan’s senior population by household

Taiwan’s senior population by household

In 2009, the average lifespan of the Taiwanese was 79.01 years old.  In 2018, Taiwan’s average lifespan was 80.69 years old.

In 1993, Taiwan’s senior population constituted 7.10%.  In 2018, it constituted 14.56%.  It is estimated that in 2026, Taiwan’s senior population will constitute 20%.

Taiwan’s August 2018 household registry shows there were 2,669,895 households with seniors who were older than 65 years of age.  Of these, 1,668,161 households had seniors 65-74 years old, 871,441 households had seniors 75-84 years old, and 349,372 households with seniors older than 85 years of age.

In Chiayi county, 40.37% of households have seniors.  In Yunlin county, 39.91% of households have seniors, and in Changhua county, 37.58% of households have seniors.



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