In 2018, 9% of Taiwanese were diabetics

In 2018, 9% of Taiwanese were diabetics

In 2018, 2,200,000 of the total population of 23,726,460 Taiwanese were diabetics, or (2,220,000/23,726,460) = 9.2723482%.

In 2018, 9,374 diabetics died.  In 2017, 53.5% of Taiwanese over 40 years old had had an empty stomach blood sugar test within the past year.

In 2017, 64.7% of diabetics over 18 years old were overweight or obese.

Of Taiwan’s diabetics, the HbA1c of 57% of them is not within 7%, and the HbA1c of 10% of them is greater than 9%.


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