Master Chen Says

Masterchensays provides information on alternative health care, including natural supplements and herbs, acupressure, reflexology, martial arts based rehabilitative exercises and meditation.

The martial arts based rehabilitative exercises and meditation form part of the body of information that I have included in my second blog Isotonic Rehabilitation. You can get to this blog by clicking on “Isotonic Rehabilitation” under the heading Blogroll.

I have been receiving many enquiries, thank you.  Some of them are of general interest while others are more specific.  Those of general interest are usually posted on the Home Page.  Those of specific interest are posted as updates to the Q&A Pages.

Enquiries about the I Ching, Numerology, Lao Tzu, dreams and pets are usually posted as updates on the respective pages. 

Enquiries about specific Chinese herbs are mostly posted as updates on the Q&A: Chinese Nomenclature page. Enquiries about miscellaneous Chinese terms are answered as updates to Q&A: Miscellaneous Chinese Terms.

Most of the enquiries I receive are questions I find on my Site Stat page as key search words, phrases and direct questions.  

I have updated many subjects by attaching my responses to them on the Home Page for easier access. As many of you now know I may respond directly to your enquiries on the Home Page instead of the previous response pages.

I always told my students, if you can save someone’s life, make someone’s life change for the better, make someone feel happy, broaden someone’s knowledge with the spoken or the written word, then you have made your own life worthy, and you have fulfilled your purpose in life.

Again, I thank you for your interest and I welcome your enquiries.

To switch to the Isotonic Rehabilitation blog, go to Blogroll and click on that name.

One can also directly access Isotonic Rehabilitation by entering the URL

The header photo was taken on July 1, 2009, as the ship was entering port at Victoria, B.C.


One Response to Master Chen Says

  1. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

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