Four reincarnation stories

Four reincarnation stories

The Buddhist monk of Ziguang Temple

Li Ping of Nanyang city, Zhejiang province, is a manager of a company.

In 1979 when he was a young soldier, he dreamt of drowning in an ocean and sinking to the bottom of the sea where he saw a small mountain with a big sinkhole at the top. He looked down and saw a river at the bottom. He fell through the sinkhole and into the river below. A ghostly boat appeared and took him ashore. He saw a stone landmark with a dragon’s head carved on top and a name at the center. The name was “Dragon Creek”.

In 1991, Li Ping went on a business trip to visit a tea company in Hangzhou and met with the tea company’s manager Gao. After business was done, Li Ping and manager Gao went sightseeing to the Temple of Purple Light in town of Dragon Creek. The two entered the temple and met the resident monk. When the old monk saw Li Ping, he said: “You have returned!”

The old monk invited them for lunch and told them this story:

“In your previous life, you, Li Ping, was my colleague. You lived to be 80 years old.”

After lunch, Li Ping and manager Gao left to visit the Temple of Hidden Spirits in Hangzhou. As they entered the temple, they caught the attention of resident monk Hong De. The monk asked them to stay. When the three got together, the monk knelt down and paid his respects to Li Ping. Later, the monk told them this story:

“In your previous life, you, Li Ping, was the resident monk of the Purple Light Temple. You became a monk at age eight and you lived to be 80 years old. You reincarnated as a human again. When were you born?” Li Ping answered: “1963.” The monk said: “Yes, you were born at 8:00 p.m. on November 12, 1963. You have a blue birthmark on your back.” Manager Gao immediately told Li Ping to take his shirt off to see if there is a blue birthmark on his back. There was indeed. Resident monk Hong De died in 1998.

County official is reborn as a girl

County governor Li Su of Northern Qi dynasty (550-577 A.D.) was accused of wrongdoing. He was sent to prison where he later died. His wife Yuan remarried and became he wife of a wealthy merchant named Zhao Qi.

One night, her deceased ex-husband came to her in a dream and said to her: “I will be reborn into the Liu family tomorrow morning as a baby girl. The Liu family is very poor and the baby girl will be given away. Please go to the Liu family and adopt the baby. The Liu family lives on the south side of Cross Street at Seven Emperors Square. If you are reluctant for fear that your current husband Zhao Qi will not approve, I will persuade him.”

The next night, Zhao Qi had the same dream. He woke up from the dream and told his wife Yuan about the baby girl in the dream. They both agreed to go to the Liu family to adopt the baby. Zhao and Yuan brought with them some silver taels and paid the Liu family for the baby. They treated the baby girl well and raised her as if she were their flesh and blood. The daughter grew up and was married to a wealthy official.

The gold ring

The Book of Jin contains a record of a famous militarist, politician and author named Yang Hu (221-278 A.D.).

In the year 278 A.D., Yang Hu fell ill so he left the imperial court and returned to Luoyang to live out his life. On his death bed, he ordered an official named Du Yu to take over his position in the imperial court and said to him: “If you conquer the Kingdom of Wu, then peace will come.” After his death, Du Yu led the Jin army to battle and conquered the Kingdom of Wu. At last, there was peace between the people of Jin and the people of Wu.

The Biography of Yang Hu in the Book of Jin states that when Yang Hu was five years old, he asked his mother for a gold ring, saying that the ring belongs to him. The mother said she had no gold ring. Suddenly, Yang Hu ran to the eastern wall of the neighbor’s abode and stood in front of a mulberry tree. He looked inside a hole in the tree and soon took out a gold ring.

The neighbor, Mr. Li, saw the kid take out the gold ring. He approached the kid and asked to see the ring. The kid said: “It is mine!” Mr. Li said: “This gold ring belonged to my deceased son.”

The mother of Yang Hu then told Mr. Li that her son claimed that the gold ring was his. While Mr. Li listened, he noticed that Yang Hu looked very much like his own deceased son. Both families soon accepted Yang Hu as the reincarnation of Mr. Li’s deceased son.

A man who lived twice

When Ming dynasty Confucian scholar Wang Yangming (October 31, 1472 – January 9, 1529), aka Wang Shouren, was governor of Jiangxi, he visited a temple. He saw a door that was kept closed, so he asked the head monk why was that door kept closed.

The head monk answered that that door had been closed for 50 years and no one was to open it. Wang Yangming was curious so he ordered his soldiers to open the door. He walked in and saw a skeleton seated in the lotus position. On a desk was an open scroll on which was written: “Fifty years ago, Wang Shouren sat here in meditation. He who opens the door is the one who had closed it.” Wang Yangming exclaimed: “I was he!”

Fifty years ago, a monk named Wang Shouren knew that he would return to open the door as the same person aka Wang Yangming.

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