Greatest regret

Greatest regret

This is the “true” story as told by renowned police sleuth Henry Lee, aka Henry C.Y. Lee, Chinese name Lee Chang-yu, born November 22, 1938, in his April 21, 2006, lecture at Beijing University.  Henry Lee was involved in the O.J. Simpson case and many other landmark criminal investigation cases in the US.  On January 12, Henry Lee was honored and awarded the Outstanding Chinese Award in Hong Kong.

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In the lecture, Henry Lee told the following story about himself.

He said his mother told him that he was a Buddhist monk in his previous life.  When he was born, he cried constantly.  One day, a Buddhist monk came knocking at the door.  His mother thought the monk came for alms.  She opened the door and the monk said:  “I came to meet my master.”  The monk continued:  “A baby boy was just born in your family, is it not correct?”  The mother answered “Yes.”  The monk continued:  “Has the baby boy been crying constantly?”  Again the mother answered “Yes.  But how do you know that?”  The monk then entered the house and knelt down to pray and to pay respects to the baby boy.  The monk then said:  “This baby boy was my master.  He was reluctant to be reborn.  I suggest that you name the baby boy ‘jie chen’ [resolve the earthly life].  After the mother named the baby boy, he stopped crying.

When asked by students in the Beijing University audience what he regreted the most in life, Henry Lee answered:  “What I regret the most is to be reincarnated into this world” again.

[Master Chen says]
I was told by a Chinese doctor once that I was a Buddhist general in my previous lives, and that I was inadvertently sent down to this human world. In my near death experience, I was told by the beings of light at the other end of the tunnel:  “You must go back.  Your mission has not been completed.”  I said:  “I do not want to go back to that chaotic world down there.”  Suddenly I felt a loud thump, and I woke up gasping for air.  I realized that I had fallen back into my body.  Indeed, I had a mission to complete.  The mission was to complete the legacy of Elena Kovalenko and Professor Y. T. Hsiung, i.e., publication of the stories of Elena Kovalenko and of Professor Ying Tso-hsiung’s Chinese palindromes, and my interpretations of dreams.  I do not regret being inadvertently reincarnated down to this human world.  And based on “My Dream”, I know I will ascend again and not reincarnate again.