Group reincarnation

Group reincarnation

Here are nines stories of group reincarnation of some 100 people of the Tong minority nationality living in several villages on the border of Hunan province and the Guagnxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. They are called “zai sheng ren” or “reborn people”.

Most Chinese villages were ancestral family clans with the same family name. In these stories, different families often have the same family names.

Case 1

Wu Xiao, 7 years old in 2014, is from Matian village, Pingyang county. At age 3, he encountered an old man. The kid suddenly took off one of his shoes and began beating the old man. “I shall beat you to death, bad son-in-law! Bad son-in-law!” the kid shouted. Wu Xiao says in his past life, he was the father of his current grandfather.

Wu Xiao was able to speak by age 3. He says that in his previous life, he was the father named wu Shude of his present grandfather. Wu Shude had two sons and two daughters. The old man who was beaten by the kid was the son-in-law of one of the daughters in a previous life.

Case 2

There is a boy named Wu in Pudaozai village in Pingyang county who claims he was a white pig in his previous life that reincarnated as a boy in his current life. There is a man named Rong who lives in the same village. Every time the boy named Wu encountered the man named Rong, the boy would begin to cry, struggle and run away.

When the little boy was 3 years old, he said that he was a white pig in his previous life. The white pig was about to be killed by a butcher named Rong, so it ran into the hills but was caught, brought back to the village and was slaughtered. In this life, when he met up with the butcher, he would run away. His mother named Lu Jutao said that the kid was able to speak when he was one year old.

Case 3

Twenty-two year old twin sisters named Wu Shicai and Wu Shihang say their names in their previous life were Shi Peishen (Wu Shicai) and Yao Peilo (Wu Shihang).

An interview with a man named Wu Jucong of Xinzai village revealed that when his wife was pregnant, she heard a story about a pair of sisters who committed suicide by drinking some bottles of agricultural pesticides.

When the woman had labor pains, she saw a pair of girls follow her home in a dream. The woman soon gave birth to twin sisters.

Twenty-two years later, the twin sisters recalled their previous lives in front of their still living “parents” in their previous life.

Case 4

A woman named Shi Shangren was born in 1962. She claims to be a “reborn person” of Pingyang county in Dongdao prefecture.

This woman does not eat meat nor rice. She drinks water and eats only vegetables.

When she was 3 years old, she claimed that she came from Xianxi and her name in her previous life was Yao Jiaan. She gave birth to a son and a daughter in her previous life. The son was named Wu Chun and the daughter was named Wu Mei.

Shi Shangren says when she was 11 years old, she went to the place where she lived in her previoous life as the woman named Yao Jiaan. Today, the woman named Wu Mei in Xianxi calls the woman named Shi Shangren “mom”.

Case 5

A 48-year-old man named Wu Minen of Dulei says that when he was 3 years old, he said that in his previous life, he was a woman named Yao Mingran. He claims that he was the “sister” of a person named Yao Mingbiao.

Yao Mingran was married into a Yang family and had two daughters. When she was pregnant with a third child, she died from miscarriage. The 48-year-old man named Wu Minen says he clearly remembers the pain of the miscarriage.

Yao Mingran was on her death bed when her mother said to her: Women suffer too much in giving birth. In the next life, it would be better to be reincarnated as a male insect. Yao Mingran died and was reincarnated into a male bug. It was stepped on and crushed to death. The spirit of the bug then reincarnated as a baby boy into the Wu family to become the eldest son named Wu Minen of the Wu family.

When Wu Minen was young, he could recognize people of his previous life as the woman Yao Mingran, and the two living daughters recognize “him” as their mother who died in her third childbirth.

Case 6

In November, 2008, a young woman named Wu Chunli of Matian village in Pingxiang county, Tongdao prefecture, got married. A man named Wu Yuheng, 8 months her junior, attended the wedding as her “father”.

Wu Yuheng, in his previous life, was the bride Wu Chunli’s father named Wu Jinsui. Wu Jinsui died from illness 27 years ago and left an 8-month old daughter Wu Chunli to live with her grandmother.

Wu Jinsui reincarnated into a Wu family in the same village to become the youngest son named Wu Yuheng of the Wu family.

At the age of 4, Wu Yuheng went to Wu Chunli’s home and he saw her holding an abacus. Little Wu Yuheng shouted out: “I used that abacus before” and when he saw a shoulder pole behind a door, he said “I borrowed it from a friend named Wu of the Eighth work gang. He also said that “when I was about to get married, I borrowed 20 yuan from the man named Wu and I never repaid the debt.”

After the visit, Wu Yuheng kept on talking about the unpaid debt in his previous life. Little wu Yuheng said in an adult manner: “I am really sorry for not repaying the debt. I am really sorry.”

His father decided to seek out the man named Wu of the Eighth work gang so he asked around, and he also asked the still living widow of Wu Jinsui whether the story about the debt was true. The bride Wu Chunli’s grandmother said that when Wu Jinsui was getting married, he borrowed 20 yuan from a man named Wu and the debt was not repaid. Little Wu Yuheng’s father said that the debt should be paid so he paid the 20 yuan debt that was unpaid in a previous life. Afterwards, little Wu Yuheng never mentioned the debt again.

Case 7

A 7-year-old boy named You Hai remembers that he came to Duleitongzai from Lanyang village in Shuangjiang town 50 kilometers from Duleitongzai to reincarnate. “I hid in my father’s umbrella to come”, little You Long said.

The boy’s father was a hog merchant named You Min. He met a female coworker named Yin Yugui in Shuangjiang, the county capital. Yin Yugui had a son named Yin Xiaomin. The parents made a match for him with a girl in Lanyang village. The son Yin Xiaomin had another interest and was unwilling to accept the match made by the parents. This angered his father and his father gave him a severe beating. The son Yin Xiaomin was dejected and drank a big bottle of agricultural pesticide and committed suicide. Yin Xiaomin was buried on the bank of a river together with a young man named Gui Min. Gui Min was a petty thief. When he was caught, three fingers were chopped off, and he died from his wounds.

According to the memories of the 7-year-old boy You Hai, Yin Xiaomin was buried in the bank of the river for 8 months. His body did not decompose.

In the previous life, when Yin Xiaomin’s father came home to Lanyang village from one of his many business trips selling live hogs, he carried an umbrella. The souls of Yin Xiaomin and Gui Min hid themselves in the umbrella and traveled with Yin Xiaomin’s father to Duleitongzai.

Yin Xiaomin reincarnated as the eldest son of the You family and was named You Hai. Gui Min reincarnated into the Yao family and was born as a baby girl. When she was born, she had three fingers missing.

When little You Hai was 3 years old, he saw grandmother-in-law cook, and he told grandmother-in-law not to use that much cooking oil to cook so some could be saved to bring to Lanyang. The grandmother-in-law was an old woman who had never gone out much and had absolutely no idea what the kid was talking about and thought the kid was rambling about something called Lanyang.

One time, little You Hai went to market with his grandfather-in-law to buy some pork. However, they went three times but there was no pork available. Then little You Hai said to his grandfather-in-law: “Let us go to Lanyang to get some pork. Our family in Lanyang raises hogs. There is a big black sow with a white stripe on the underbelly and there are 12 little piglets”.

The next day, the grandfather-in-law asked little You Hai where Lanyang village was, and how can one get there. Little You Hai pointed out the direction and said that by following this road, one can get to Shuangjiang, and then one can get to Lanyang village.

The grandfather-in-law and other family members took little You Hai along and followed the kid’s directions. They arrived in Shuangjiang, and after asking around, they found out there was indeed a Lanyang village and they got directions to go there. After arriving in the village, they asked about a Yin family, and indeed there was a Yin family. They visited the Yin family and saw a big black sow with 12 little white piglets. The You and Yin families thus became friends. Little You Hai became a frequent visitor at the Yin family and he would always bring some tea oil to the Yin family.

Case 8

There is a 30-year-old man named Yang Yun. When he was 2 years old, he often said that in his previous life, he was the grandmother of his current grandfather.

In 2014, a 7-year-old boy named Ripo says that when he was 2 years old, he was beaten by his grandfather, so little Ripo shouted back: “How dare you, son, to hit your mother. Aren’t you afraid of being stricken by lightning?”

The grandfather asked: “How did you become my mother?”

Little Ripo told his grandfather: “Your mother’s maiden name was Wu Longzhi. Shen was the daughter of the family of Wu Bing in this village and she was married into this family.

Case 9

Four children of one family are all “reborn people”

A man named Wu Hongye of Duleitongzai, born in 1982, is the eldest son of the Wu family. He says that in his previous life, he was the mother of a man called Yang Dong of Double Horse village. The mother was named Yang Peishe. She reincarnated as a boy named Wu Hongye.

The son of Yang Dong is about the same age as Wu Hongye. However, Yang Dong’s son has always addressed Wu Hongye as “grandpa”. In 1992, Yang Dong’s grandmother died, and 10-year-old Wu Hongye cried out loud in sorrow.

[Master chen says]

Note: The woman named Yang Peishe reincarnated as a boy named Wu Hongye, who was similarly 10 years old in 1992. He cried upon the death of Yang Dong’s grandmother. The grandmother is the mother of the woman named Yang Peishe who reincarnated as the boy named Wu Hongye.

Yang Dong’s son addresses Wu Hongye, now a man, as “grandpa” who in a previous life was the woman Yang Peishe, the real grandma of Yang Dong’s son.

Case 10

In a place called Pingyang in Hunan province, there are 7000 residents, and over 110 of them claim to be “zai sheng ren” or “reborn people”. They claim to remember their past lives and they claim to be reincarnated.

One woman of the Dong (Tong) minority nationality claims that she was of Han ethnicity in her previous life. When she was a young girl in this life, she grew up in an ethnic Dong family, and she would stay upstairs while the Dong children downstairs played and spoke the Dong minority language. She says she was able to understand the Dong minority language but she was unable to speak it. She speaks Mandarin, the language she spoke in her previous life.

At the age of two years old, she told her mother in this life that the place of her present birth was not the place of her birth, and that she was born and gave birth to a son and a daughter in another place. She says in her previous life, she died in 1962.

She says that when she visited a school in the village she lived in during her previous life, a teacher called out the names of two students, a boy and a girl. The woman immediately said to the teacher: “They are my son and my daughter. I know the names. I gave them their names when they were born in my previous life.” At that time, the boy was 8 years old when he met the reincarnated woman who claimed to be his mother in her previous life.

Case 11

Two sisters were admonished by their father, so they both committed suicide out of shame. In a neighboring village, a set of female twins was born. When the twins were between two and three years old, they were told that their mother of their previous life would come visit them. When the mother arrived, she brought them back to the village to meet the father of their previous lives. The twins immediately recognized him as their father in their previous lives. Their father begged the twins for forgiveness for having admonished them when they were his daughters, but now that they have been reborn as twins, he has accepted them as his daughters in their previous lives.

In Bath, England, 19 women have claimed to be women of Cathars of the 13th century French Cathars reborn into 20th century Bath, England.