Guan Gong helps solve 10-year old murder case

Guan Gong helps solve 10-year old murder case

One day in October, 2015, a policeman investigating a drug dealer had a dream about an old woman walking into his office to pray to the deity Guan Gong.  In the dream, the old woman told Guan Gong to tell the police to seek out a man named Hung who is a friend of a drug dealer named Ah Bao.

The policeman realized that the suspect of his investigation is a man nicknamed Ah Bao.  He asked Ah Bao about his friend, a man named Hung.  Ah Bao confessed that one of his middle school classmates is named Hung.  Ah Bao also confessed that Hung lives with his sister up north in a place called Luchow.

Meanwhile, the murdered old woman’s daughter reported to the policeman her dream.  She also had a dream of asking the deity Guan Gong about her mother’s death.  In the dream, she was told that the murder suspect “can be found across the field but not pass the bank.”

One week before the policeman was to travel to Luchow to seek out the man named Hung, he had another dream.  This time, the old woman said to him in the dream:  “You are on the right track.”

The policeman thought that the murder suspect, possibly the man named Hung, should be living close by rather than up north, so he double checked the whereabouts of the Hung family and discovered that the family lives in the next village.  The policeman went and brought in the man named Hung as a murder suspect and Hung confessed, saying that ten years ago, he was waiting along the dike of the flood release waterway in the village to meet up with his drug dealer when he was spotted by a 78-year-old woman.  The woman admonished him for loitering along the dike.  Hung got angry at her and stabbed her to death with a pocket knife.

According to the policeman, a 10-year-old murder case was finally solved because of the two dreams he had and the dream the murdered old woman’s daughter had, and the red faced deity Guan Gong appeared in all three of their dreams.