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Enquiry about “0” in Chinese numerology

As defined, zero “0” is a comma, a gap, end, the void, and is featured in double and tripple digit numbers as in 10, 20, 30, 100, 200, etc.

In handling the zero in two digit numbers such as 10, 20, or even 30, we take them as number of years, i.e., 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, etc. We also must read the zero in context, so with a number like 1009, we add 1+0+0+9 = 10. We take this “10” as indicating “10 years.”

Zero is pronounced “ling” in Mandarin Chinese. Ling means loose change, scattered, insignificant. Therefore, a zero marks the temporary end to a cycle, a void between cycles, a gap between cycles. It represents temporary unknown. It represents temporary inactivity. This is in contrast to the number “5”.

The number five “5” is pronounced “wu” in Mandarin Chinese. The three main characters that are pronounced “wu” are the character meaning “void, none, nothing”, the character meaning “combat, martial (arts)”, and the character meaning “dance”.

In Chinese numerology, the “5” or “wu” indicates voidness, emptiness, complete inactivity, nothingness, devoid of everything. The concept of “wu” as represented by the number “5” comes from Taoism which says: “Everything comes from nothing.” It represents the absolute void before existence.

Here is an illustration on how to “read” a number containing a lot of zeros. For example, given the number “10050030600700910”:

1=beginning, 10=ten years, 0=gap, 5=void, 00=gap, 3=years, 0=gap, 6=rebirth, begin again, 00=gap, 7=success, accomplishment, 00=gap, 9=waiting before new cycle, before new beginning, 10=years. So, a possible “history” is as follows:

One is born and one stays with the family living in one place for 10 years. Life was not improving. Life was stagnant, for 5 years or for 8 (5+3=8) years, 0=another gap, then came the big opportunity for the family or the person, a new job, a new country. The person worked for 13 years (6+7=13) at one job rising up the ranks (7) and stayed for another 9 years and another year (1) for a total of (6+7+9+1= 23 years) and then a new beginning (1), retirement after 23 years on the job. The last “0” may indicate one is now in a state of inactivity in retirement.

Let us take a more realistic number, 1004 or 10004, which can be a house number, or the last digits of a phone number (or SS number). We can divide the number into two sets of double digit numbers, 10, 04, or sets of double and single digit numbers 10, 0, 4, or 10, 0,0,4. The total sum is 1+4=5, indicating a cycle of 5, 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months, 5 years. The first number 10 indicates 10 years. The 0 indicates a gap, the 4 indicates a duration of four years (for example, at the same job). A change would have occurred after the first 10 years of stability. There would have been a two-year (0,0) period of uncertainty.

We can also take the 10 and 04 in the number 1004 as two two-digit groups and we can add them together: 10 + “04” = 14. So, from 1004 we get 14. The number 14 can indicate 14 years. It can also be reduced to 1 + 4 = 5, or five years. From the 14 and 5 we can get 14 + 5 = 19, indicating 19 years. From this we can get 1 + 9 = 10, indicating 10 years. And finally, from 10 we can get 1 + 0 = 1, or one year. These numbers, 1, 4, 5, 10, 14, 19, can mean the number of years staying in one place, duration of a job, duration of an illness, duration of residency, etc.

The number 1004 is not a good number to the Chinese who are very fearful of the number “4”, especially when it is the last digit of a number, or the last number. A supposedly very unlucky number is 1234 or 12340 or 12341234.

The numbere 101 as in Taipei 101, for a time the tallest building, indicates beginning and renewal and beginning again. It also means uniqueness. The sum of 1+0+1=2, indicating maturity but it never grows old (3). It matures (2) and begins again (1), indicating perpetual prosperity.

Response to enquiry: “double zero”

The double zero “00” indicates a “period doubly long”. It may be a period of success prolonged. It may be an initial startup period doubly longer and doubly challenging than was planned. Plans are usually too optimistic. It may be a period of inactivity prolonged. It may indicate a prolonged period, essentially doubly long, of waiting or expecting. For example, an interviewer tells an interviewee that his or her application will be decided in a week, but it has been or it will have been at least 2 weeks when the decision on the application is actually made.

“Double zero” can appear as the second or third digits of a number since initial zeros are significant only in the binary system but not in the decimal system. Double zero can also appear as the middle digits and as ending digits. As middle digits, their interpretation follows the rules.

Double zero as ending digits are more of a challenge to interpret, supposedly, for example, a number like xxx-xxx-0000, xxx-xx-0000, x000, x0000. The first number, xxx-xxx-0000 is a telephone number. The second is a social security number. The third and the fourth are building numbers and house numbers,.

In numerology and astrology, one talks about donimant numbers. Therefore, the “x’s” in all of these numbers are the dominant numbers. And the number before the string of zeros is dominant and “rules” over the string of zeros.

Thus, 1000 may indicate a prolonged beginning. The number can be read as 10 doubled, or 10 years doubled, i.e., 10-doubled = 20 years.

The number 20000 indicates a doubly prolonged period of 2 years or 20 years. It can be read as 2-0000, indicating 2 years prolonged 4 times (0000) to become 2×4=8. It can also be read as 20-000 which would indicate 20 years prolonged 3 times (000) to become 20×3=60.

Response to enquiry: “three digit number”

Three digit numbers starting from 100, 102, to 999, are read as three single digit numbers, one two-digit number and one single digit number, or a one-digit number and a two digit number. So, a number like 891 is read as 8,9,1; or 89, 1; or 8, 91. The number 891 can be a house number, a building number, an army unit number, etc. The two-digit numbers 89 and 91 within the three-digit number 891 can be read as number of years, or can be separated into two single digit numbers and then read.


0000 meaning in numerology

Posted on November 2, 2011 by masterchensays
The zero (0) indicates a lull, the single digit zero (0) of the two-digit tens or of the three-digit 100s, and four-digit 1000s. I am assuming here that these are not zeros between two other non-zero digits. If that is the case, these four zeros standing alone constitute in modern terms “a reset” number.

A reset number starts everything from the beginning, as Lao Tzu said, “Chapter 1, The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth.”

There is a saying in Chinese: “wu zhong sheng you”, “All things come from nothing”. And in one of my prayers I say: “Everything comes from nothing, yet everything is accomplished.”

The mathematical digit of zero is a human creation. It was invented as a “device” in mathematics.

However these four zeros or the “number” (0000) came about, they indicate that everything is reset, thus a new start, a fresh start, a start from “nothing”. When things begin anew, the outcome is unknown.

In Chinese numerology, every “count” is significant. There are four (4) zeros here. The number four (4) means “death” in Chinese. In acquiring numbers such as a house number or a telephone number, the Chinese will avoid numbers that end in “four”. The number four (4) at the end indicates death in the future.

The number zero has no “future” since zero as a place holder resets counting from the single digits to the double digits, and zero does not begin “official” numbers (bank account numbers, telephone numbers, etc.). In the binary system of “numbers”, the “bit” is the “binary digit” of “0″ or “1″, and in a “number” like “00000011001110″ the bits are actually place symbols. The zeros in front are place holders and therefore significant within the binary system.

The Chinese expression for a binary system is “er jin wei zhi” and for the decimal system is “shi jin wei zhi”, i.e., “two-progressive place system” and “ten-progressive place system”. In other words, recount starts after every “two” or “ten” single digits or places.

The Chinese count a person’s age from the beginning of conception, i.e., a baby is born already one year old, counting the nine-month pregnancy as the first year of the baby’s life. According to the Chinese, life does not begin with “zero”, but with “one”.

House numbers 1 [sic]
Posted on November 13, 2011 by masterchensays
In response to the above.

House number 1 is a good house number, like Taipei 101. The number one (1) symbolizes birth, beginning, and life.

The Chinese count the 9 months of pregnancy as the first year of a baby’s life. Therefore, the Chinese consider a newborn as one (1) year old. A newborn is to be celebrated.

The number 1 as it relates to a house or a building or a business address, especially if it is a business or shop address, is a very good number. Customers will tend to say: “Oh, that’s the first store on the street.” Or they will say: “It is just around the corner, the first store on the left.” Similary, one tends to say: “Oh, we’re in the first house at the corner.”

However, numerology by itself provides hardly any more detailed information. Therefore, the Chinese incorporated numerology into general Feng Shui, and much more detailed study is done of the surroundings, the ambient energy flow, the Five Elements, the directions of the I Ching trigrams, etc. around the house or building or store with house number 1.

House number 3
Enquiry about “house number 3”

House number 3 would be the second house on the odd numbered side of the street or of a cul-de-sac. The single digit number 3 by definition means maturity and old age. Remodeling may have been required three years after moving into the house. Refinancing may have been contemplated or required three years after moving into the house. After such events have been successfully dealt with, the family would be living in the same house for a very long time, say 30 years, since there are no numbers following the number 3.

The number 3 may portend an abrupt end at the end of the third year, say the house burning down or being damaged after being lived in for three years. Being close to an entrance to a street or cul-de-sac, there is the possibility that a freak accident by some careless driver may cause some damage to the property in the third year.

The number 3 may also portent a family feud occuring after three years of living in the
house. Single digit house numbers do not mean that there will be a turnover every other year or every two or three years. Instead, they may indicate a cycle, in this case, a 3-year cycle of events within the household, say 3-day cycles, 3-week cycles, 3-month cycles, 3-year cycles. For example, a child changes school every 3 years, the breadwinner of the household changes jobs every 3 years, changing the family car every 3 years, etc.

Response to enquiry: Chinese numerology 5 house number”

House number 5
The number 5 in Chinese is pronounced WU”’, the same as the character for WU”’ , weaponry, and WU”’, to dance. However, in Chinese numerology, the number 5 takes on the meaning of the character WU”, meaning “nothing, nothingness, have not”.

House number 5, is the third house on the odd number side of the street. Location-wise and as the third (3rd) house, it is in a “mature” position. The number 3 means “old aged.”

I would check the history of the house of the past five years, and maybe review the past owners. The number 5 indicates that the residents may have become poorer, their family wealth may have become exhausted. Family members may have left one by one until almost nothing was left in the house. If a mirror had been broken inside the house, it may indicate a 5-year streak of unpleasant family life. The breadwinner of the household may have been frustrated at work or bored at work. Or nothing much would happen for a period of 5 years.

When talking about the house, refer to it as the third (3rd) house on the right or the third (3rd) house on the left and describe something in the front yard, such as: “The third house on the right with a big tree in front.”

The number 10
Posted on October 29, 2011 by masterchensays
This is a response to the above enquiry.

The number 10 as a two-digit number refers to age or duration. It can be read as a pereson’s age of 10 years old when the family moved, when someone in the family passed on, when one left home to go to school elsewhere at age 10, etc. It may also indicate a duration of 10 years, for example, after living in a house for ten years, the family moved, the family refinanced the mortgage, a change that scattered the family when someone was 10 years old, etc. It also indicates a duration of 10 years working at the same job and then there was a transfer or a job change or one lost one’s job after 10 years working for the same company. It may also indicate a 10-year run of good fortune such as marriage after being acquaintances for 10 years, or a 10-year run of misfortune, like divorce after 10 years of marriage, etc.

House number 19
Posted on December 17, 2011 by masterchensays
A house number of 19 contains the single digit numbers 1, 9, and the double digit numbers 10 (1+9=10) and 19. This may indicate that a family lives in the same house for 9, 10, or 19 years. There may be a family change after 9 or 10 years of residency in the house, say a family member moves out. Refinancing or a sale of the house may occur after 9 or 10 years.

House number 20 in Chinese numerology

House number 20 can be read as two single digit numbers, 2 and 0, or one double-digit number, 20. As single digit numbers, 2 and 0 may mean that the house would be occupied by one family for two years or as the number 20, for 20 years. If the house has already been occupied by the family for more than 2 years, and not foreseeing any financial crisis or change of jobs out of the area, then the double digit number 20 could come into play, i.e., the same family would stay in the same house for about 20 years.

If we read the 2 and the 0 as single digit numbers, the 0 could indicate that after 2 years of residence in the house, there would be a period of uncertainty with regards to the family’s financial situation as it pertains to the mortgage and house payments. The digit 0 may also indicate uncertainty with refinancing on the house. The number 2 plus the number 0 is 2. This indicates a maximum or an optimum of 2. This may also indicate that it might take 2 years to finally get the mortgage refinanced successfully.

Chinese numerologists have no problem or apprehension with the house number 20. They would be apprehensive about a house number that contains a number 4 or two digits of the number 4.

House humber 20
Posted on November 7, 2011 by masterchensays
The house number 20 is a good number since it indicates 20 years or maturity (2). For a new family that had just moved in to house number 20, the first two (2) years might be a struggle but afterwards, things should be rather peaceful for the rest of the 20 years. The number 20 indicates maturity and lull or continuation, zero (0) being the advancing place digit in the binary and the decimal systems, the same family may live in the house for 20 year and another 20 years and so on.

Number 29
Posted on November 7, 2011 by masterchensays
In response to the enquiry: “The meaning of the number 29 in numerology”

The number 29 can be read as the two-digit number 29, or as two single digits 2 and 9.

The number 29 may indicate duration of years or age. For example, after being in the United States as an engineer or professor for 29 years, one returns to one’s native country to become president or prime minister. Or something happened when one was 29 years old.

As two single digits 2 and 9, 2+9=11. These numbers may indicate age, say one’s family immigrated to the United States when one was 2 years old, or when one was 9 years old or when one was 11 years old. An initial job that lasted for 2 years led to another job that lasted for 9 years, working for a total of 11 years before a life change occurred.

Response to enquiry “1004”

The number “1004” without other clues can be a house number, a room number, a license plate number, the last four digits of a telephone number, or the last four digits of a social security number.

The Chinese do not like this number because it ends in “4”, indicating “death.” The digits 1+0+0+4=5, indicating void, nothingness. If it is a house number that one cannot change, add a “dash-number” or a “dash-letter” to “1004” as in “1004-1” or “1004-A” so that the house number does not end in “4”. If it is a ward number in a hospital, try changing to a different ward or a ward that has a different number. If it is an office room number, say the fourth office on the 10th floor (1004), move to another office space or add a “dash-letter” to it, like “1004-I” or something like that. If it is a license plate number, get another one. If it is a telephone number, change it to a number that does not end in “4”. If it is a social security number xxx-xx-1004, the preceding five numbers are dominant, and the “1004” will pertain to the last five years (1+0+0+4=5) or the last 14 years (10+0+4) of life.

Number 1009
Posted on November 15, 2011
In response to the above.

The number 1009 is birth (1), lull (0), and before the next cycle (9). It can be read as a two-digit number and a single digit number, 10 and 9, with the zero (0) before the 9 as a lull and a continuation of the previous zero (0).

The sum of the two numbers is 10+9=19. The sum of all the digits is 1+0+0+9=10.

The number 10 can be age or duration. At age ten, the family moved and stayed in a new place for 9 years. The sum, 19, can indicate that one’s family moved when one was 19 years old and stayed in a new place for the next 19 years. The number 10 may indicate that one stays with one’s job for 10 years, and now one is between jobs and may have to wait for two (2) years (two zeros), and the new job may last for 9 years. The number 19 may indicate that one’s working life lasted for a total of 19 years and one retires afterwards.

The two zeros (0) between 1 and 9 may indicate a two-year period of sickness. One is laid off after 10 years of work because of ill health, recuperates for two years, and starts another job that lasts for 9 years.

Read as single digits, they may indicate that one stayed with the family in one place for a total of 10 years, and the family began to move elsewhere when one was 9 years old. The family established a new home when one reached ten (10) years old.

As a whole number 1009, it is a very good business address. Many downtown office buildings have this number, which would be across the street from the office building with the number 1010. Again, reading the number as a two-digit number and one single digit number, the business at that location may last for 19 (10+9=19) years.

1010 Chinese numerology
Posted on November 7, 2011 by masterchensays
In response to the above enquiry.

When read as Ten Ten, it means october 10th, 1911, when the Chinese Revolution led by Dr. Sun Yatsen overthrew the Manchu Dynasty and founded the first republic in Asia, the Republic of China, based on Dr. Sun Yatsen’s Three Principles of the People, with Dr. Sun Yatsen as its first president. The National Day of the Republic of China is celebrated on October 10th. The year 2011 is the 100th anniversary of the Chinese revolution.

The number 1010 indicates beginning and duration for 10 years and another beginning that lasts for 10 years. It is an auspicious number since it marks beginnings (1s) like the Taipei 101 Building.

Ten Ten can be read with the history of economic and political development of Taiwan, the Republic of China. In the 1950s, it developed agriculture. In the 1960s, it began an export trade. In the 1970s, it became one of the Four Little Dragons of Asia. In the 1980s, it began massive investment on mainland China, essentially creating the Chinese mainland export manufacturing industry with Taiwanese shoe factories. In the 1990s, Taiwan’s per capita income jumped and Taiwan’s society became essentially a middle class society in line with American household standards. By 1997, Taiwan recognized the legality of opposition parties, and allowed the electoral democratic process to go full steam ahead. In the year 2000, Taiwan elected a criminal Taiwanese as president who was reelected in 2004 to end his second term in 2008 immediately in jail. The former so-called “authoritative” Kuomintang regained popularity and won the presidential election with President Ma Ying-jeou in 2008.

Ten Ten as a house number, as a building number, as a business number, is a very prestigious number, although business success at that address is not guaranteed.

Chinese numerology 2011
Posted on October 30, 2011 by masterchensays
Response to the enquiry: “Chinese numerology 2011″

The number 2011 can be read in single digits: 2,0,1,1; and in double digits; 20, 11.

In single digits, 2 is maturity, middlde age; 0 is a lull; 1 is birth, beginning; and 1 is birth, beginning. A job of two years is no more, one is laid off after 2 years on the job. One finds another job that lasts for one year, and another job that also lasts for one year.

In double digits, 20 is age 20 or 20 years. Let’s say a family lives in a house for 20 years and sells the house, moves into a new house and there the family will stay for 11 years.

Another possible interpretation: One is laid off after 20 years working for one company. One is now in retirement which will last for 11 years.

Another illustration: After 20 years as an employee, one is finally named chief executive and will serve for 11 years starting in the year 2011.

In 2011, nothing is happening. Everything seems to start (1) and (1) but nothing will continue in 2011.

Another interpretation: After 20 months of struggling, one finally gets a fresh start but it will last for 1 month, and another fresh start will also last only for 1 month.

If a specific consultation was sought about the year 2011, the number may indicate that nothing will happen until this November (11). In other words, something will change or happen or occur in November of this year.

As two two-digit numbers 20 and 11, they can be added 20+11=31. This could be interpreted that at age 31 in 2011, a change happened in one’s life or a change may happen within 2011.

A similar interpretation of 2012 is that many predict something will happen in December (12) of 2012, and some say that the Mayan calendar says that on December 21, 2012, something will happen. December 21, 2012 is 12212012 in digits. So, during the first 10 months of 2012, (1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2=10) there will be starts (1s) that will reach maturity very quickly (2s) and then big things will start again (1) in the following two months (November and December), culminating in December 21, 2012.

This is a response to the term “sacred numerology”

Chinese sacred numerology originates from the I Ching, the trigram, i.e., a symbol of three lines, the eight trigrams representing the phenomena of nature, Heaven, Earth, Thunder, Water, Fire, Wind, Mountain and Lake. The first line of a trigram represents Earth, the middle line represents Man, and the top line represents Heaven, the three sacred realms of nature, tian (sky, heavens), di (earth, mother earth), ren (man, human beings).

Then there are the Five Elements of water, fire, wood, metal and earth. And there are the Ten Heavenly Stems and the Twelve Earthly Branches, and the Twenty Four Solar Terms.

The ancient Chinese weight measures were liang, jin (about half a kilo). The Chinese expression meaning “it is all the same” is “ban jin ba liang”, or literally, half of jin or 8 liang. So a standard ancient Chinese weight of half a jin was 8 liang. A liang is a tael or equivalent to 50 grams. One jin is 16 taels.

The Monkey King had 36 tricks, and the first and best trick was “Escape!”

The matching of the Ten Heavenly Stems and the Twelve Earthly Branches produces a 60-year cycle.

The number 64 is the total number of hexagrams that can be produced by multiplying the 8 trigrams with themselves.

Eighty is a respectible age of an old man. Confucius was said to have said: Learning begins at age 70, and at age 80, one is free from doing wrong.

One’s 99th birthday is one’s 100th birthday.

The number 120 completes a cycle of ten 12-year cycles. In ancient China, one’s life is considered fortunate when one lives to 6 cycles, i.e., 72 years old.

The sacred numerology would be the numbers 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, 36, 60, 64, 80, 99, 100, 120.

We notice that the number two (2) is not included. The I Ching is a binary system consisting of the solid line and the broken line, the male and the female, the yang and the yin, equivalent to the 1 and the 0. The union of the male and the female produces either male or female offsprings and the living world, i.e., a string of 0s and 1s, thus the Tai Chi circle of the yin and the yang. The solid line and the broken line, the male and the female, the yang and the yin, the positive and the negative that the yang and the yin represent, are opposites. The union of opposites creates a new world. Only after Confucius, some 3000 years after the I Ching, was the number two (2) considered a good number, i.e., the union of the man and the woman to make a pair, as in shuang xi or double happiness. The number two inherently consists of opposites, i.e., the man and the woman. Therefore, the number two (2), indicating maturity in Chinese numerology, is seen as a union of opposites and a union of opposing forces.

Enquiry about general years of emptiness

Emptiness is designated by the zero (0) and the five (5). Sometimes the nine (9) designating a period of waiting before the beginning of the next cycle, etc. may also indicate a period of “emptiness”. Usually, a zero (0) indicates “unknown.” Therefore, the “period of emptiness” may be a week, a month, a year, etc. The “emptiness” number five (5) may indicate a maximum of “five years” or “five months”. Usually, situations change within a year, so the five “emptiness period” would often be taken to mean five months at maximum. Sometimes, a five followed by a one and a zero 510 may indicate 5+1+0=6 or a new beginning in six (6) months. A 5+1+9=15 may indicate 15 months. Sometimes, the I Ching hexagram, which has six lines, may indicate a period of “waiting” or “evolution” or “stagnation”. The number of lines, maximum of six, may indicate a “period” of six weeks, six months, but usually not in years. One young man who came to consult the I Ching has been waiting for five years for something to change in his life. The past “five years” have been a period of “emptiness” for him, i.e., a period during which he could not do much in changing his life for the better due to his personal circumstances.