Realization through visualization

Realization through visualization

Here is an interesting comparison of three versions of the Buddhist concept of “realization through visualization”.

First version:

(I-1)  Visualize human suffering to realize the emptiness of human life.

(I-2)  Visualize the inhumanity of humans to realize sympathy and charity.

(I-3)  Visualize the falsehood of evil thoughts to realize true Buddhist wisdom.

(I-4)  Visualize human immorality to realize moral conscience.

Second version:

(II-1)  Visualize the uncleanliness of the physical body to realize the unholiness of the mundane physical being.

Some Buddhist masters use this to teach self discipline in sexual promiscuity.

(II-2)  Visualize the suffering of human beings to realize the unholiness of the mundane physical world.

Some Buddhist masters use this to teach people not to fear death.

(II-3)  Visualize the inconstancy of the mundane physical world to realize the fleeting nature of human existence.

(II-4)  Visualize selflessness to realize universality.

[Master Chen says]

I have already given brief explanations of the first version in “Fake and foul monk gives false and foul advice” [April 19, 2015, Isotonic Rehabilitation].   Both of these versions are based on visualizing the undesirable aspects of human existence to realize the holiness of the non-physical realm.

My version of realization through visualization is based on directly visualizing one’s positive aspects to realize the non-physical realm.  It is this version that I taught in my meditation classes.

My version:

(III-1)  Directly visualize the Holy White Light at the end of the tunnel in near death experiences through meditation to realize the holiness of the non-physical realm.

(III-2)  Focus directly on raising one’s inner energy to realize astral projection, healing touch, reiki, telepathy, and extrasensory energy projection.

(III-3)  Directly visualize raising and projecting outwardly one’s inner energy to attain the realization that one’s projected inner energy now exists outside of one’s physical body.

(III-4)   Meditate to clear the mind of all thoughts to realize selflessness.

The emphasis here is on realization of the non-physical realm by achieving emptiness of mind.

This is actually the reverse of visualization to achieve realization.  It is achieving realization through non-visualization.