Sharing one body

Sharing one body

A woman who was the mother of a one-year-old daughter and a fisherman’s wife  had an argument with her drunk and gambling fisherman husband, so she jumped into a river and drowned while her busband was gambling nearby.   At the same time, a daughter of a wealthy family was on her death bed.  Their spirits temporarily left their dying bodies and met in the spiritual realm of the Mother Goddess Matzu.

The spirit of the fisherman’s wife told the spirit of the wealthy family’s daughter:  “I have a sick one-year-old daughter who needs my care, but I am now dead and cannot find a physical body to possess.  I want to borrow your body to return to the physical world to take care of my one-year-old daughter who is sick and needs my care.

Both spirits agreed to alternately possess the body of the wealthy family’s daughter until the little girl grows up, so both spirits prayed to the Goddess Matzu, and promised to bring back the physical body to the Matzu Temple every other heavenly day for the exchange of possession.

With the spirits in agreement to possess one body, the wealthy family’s daughter quickly recovered from her illness.  The drunk and gambling fisherman was gambling when his wife jumped into the river and drawned.  When he lost all the family’s money and returned home, he saw a different woman nursing his 0ne-year-old baby daughter.  This woman looked different but she had all the bad mannerisms of his previous but now deceased wife.

For six earthly years, the two spirits met at the Matzu Temple to exchange possession of that body.  By this time, the constantly drunk and gambling fisherman’s baby daughter has grown into a healthy six-year-old girl.  Also by this time, the wealthy family saw that their daughter’s health had recoverd, and it decided it was time for the daughter to be married.

A wedding date was set, and all gathered on that day when the fisherman brought his six-year-old daughter and crashed the wedding gathering.  The six-year-old daughter immediately went to the bride, pulled down her veil, and called out: “Mom!”  Then she pointed at the bride and shouted:  “She is my mom!”  The fisherman pointed to the bride and shouted:  “She is my wife!”  The bride, now possessed by her original spirit, did not recognize the fisherman nor the little daughter “she supposedly raised for six years.”  The bride insisted that she was the daughter of the wealthy family and she was not the “mother” of the six-year-old girl and not the “wife” of the fisherman.

The wedding ceremony was canceled.  The daughter then explained the spiritual pact of alternate possession to her mother.  The mother decided to invit everyone to gather at the Matzu Temple for an explanation.

She explained that six earth years ago, her daughter became very sick.  The dying daughter’s spirit ascended to the realm of Goddess Matzu.  There her spirit met a roaming spirit, that of the fisherman’s wife and mother of a sick one-year-old baby girl.   The roaming spirit asked to borrow the body of the wealthy family’s dying daughter so that she could continue to take care of her sick one-year-old baby girl she had just abandoned after she jumped into the river.  The spirit of the wealthy family’s daughter felt sympathy and agreed to lend her body to the roaming spirit.  An agreement was reached to a scheme of alternate possession every one heavenly day.  Six heavenly days passed, equivalent to six early years.  The sick little baby girl has now grown up to be a healthy six-year-old girl.  And during all those years, the little girl grew up recognizing the face of the wealthy family’s daughter possessed by the spirit of her mother who drowned as her only physical mother.

This is a rather interesting story.  I am posting it here and as a page on [masterchensays] for easy access.


Matzu, meaning ancestral mother, was born into the Lin family of fishermen of Puzhou Island in Fujian province on March 23, 960 A.D. during the Sung dynasty.  It was said that her mother was pregnant for 14 months, and that when she was born, the room lit up with bright light and filled with heavenly fragrance.  The baby girl did not cry nor make a sound when it was born, so the father named her Lin Muniang, meaning the silent  daughter of the Lin family.  At age 13, Lin Muniang was able to cure disease.  In September of her 18th year, it is said that she astroprojected herself to rescue her father from the rough seas.  On September 9, at noon, in the year 987, at the age of 28 year old, Lin Muniang is said to have ascended to heaven.  There are different versions of her ascension.  One version says that she was physically killed by demons she was fighting, and her spirit ascended after her physical body was placed in a meditative posture on top of a mound.  Another version says that she received divine instruction for her to ascend to the heavens to receive the title of the Mother of the Seas.  The Matzu statues on Taiwan and the one paraded in San Franciso are black faced.