The Buddhist concept of causality of three life times

The Buddhist concept of causality of three life times

The Chinese Buddhist term for the causality of three life times is “san shi` yin yuan” ” and “san shi` yin guo”‘ “.

“San shi` yin yuan” ” means “the cause and the fate of three life times”.
“San shi` yin guo”‘ ” means “the cause and the fruit of three life times”.

The rhyme is:

“Yu` zhi qian” shi` yin, jing sheng shou` zhe”‘ shi`;

To know the causes in the previous life of the sufferings in this life, look at the sufferings of this life;

“Yu` zhi lai” shi` guo”‘, jing sheng zuo` zhe”‘ shi`.”

To know the fruits in future life, look at the deeds one does in this life.

To know the present is to know both the past and the future.

Live one’s present life well, for it is the reward of one’s previous life and the seed of one’s future life.

Doing good deeds and accumulating good karma in this life are the forebears of the fruits of future life.

[Master Chen says]