The “living Buddha” of Jiangxi

The “living Buddha” of Jiangxi

In 1923, a boy was born in Yajiang in Sichuan province.  His father was a postman.  When the boy was born, there was a flash of bright light in the room.  Three days later, the baby spoke:  “I want to go to the temple.”  At three years old, the baby boy became sick, so his mother took him to the Pamu Temple in Yajiang.  The boy refused to sit down, so the mother took him to Gao’er Temple.  Again, the boy refused to sit down.  The mother took him to Yunguan towards Juli Temple.  The boy said he did not want to enter.  He pointed his finger towards the east.  The mother took him to Jingang Temple in the east but the boy still refused to enter.  He then pointed his finger upwards, so the mother took him to Nanwu Temple.  There, the boy told his mother:  “This is my home.  I shall sit here.  You can go home now.”  At the temple, the boy found the key to a room where he claimed was the room he stayed in during his previous life.  He opened the room and went and retrieved a shaving knife the boy claimed he used in his previous life.  He also found a wooden alms bowl the boy claimed he used in his previous life.  The master monk at the temple at the time said:  He is truly the reincarnation of Hutu Ketu, Gexi of Jiangxi.” Soon, two monks went to the boy’s home and took the boy to Nanwu Temple where he lived until he was 9 years old in 1932.  In that year, he followed his master to Lhasa to study Buddhist scriptures.  He now resides at the Jinci Temple.

Gexi of Jiangxi was born in 1853 in Jianfu in Jiangxi province.  At two years old, he and his family settled in Kang county where his father served as the local official there.  One day his father took him to the market.  The boy saw a man in the crowd and called out:  “Ah Wang Za Ba.”  The man turned around but did not see who called out his name.  Ah Wang Za Ba was the house servant of a local Buddhist monk.  Gexi went to study Buddhism in Lhasa at the age of 8 and became a head monk.  He lived to 68 years old and died in 1921.

[Master Chen says]
This is a story of a Buddhist monk reincarnating as another Buddhist monk.  There are several similar stories of Buddhist monks reincarnating as another Buddhist monk.

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